HPP Applications

High Pressure Pasteurization can be used to process many types of fresh foods and beverages. Some ideal products for HPP application include:

·         Ready-to-eat meat products

·         Fresh meat products

·         Raw beef, pork, turkey, lamb and veal, both intact and ground

·         Marinated meats (meatballs, pulled pork)

·         Fresh, cold-pressed juices

·         Flavored water, coffee, tea and other like beverages

·         Smoothies of all kind

·         Wheatgrass

·         Guacamole

·         Hummus

·         Fresh salsa & other dips

·         Wet salads (potato & pasta salads, mac & cheese)

·         Cheeses & yogurt

·         Salad dressing

·         Fish, shellfish & oysters

·         Fresh soups & stews

·         Fruits & vegetables

·         Sauces, jams & jellies

This is a mere sampling of the most common products HPP is applicable to.

Please ask us how HPP can enhance the quality, shelf-life and brand equity of your products.